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2016 C-Team Roster


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Number Name Class Position
1 Cam Peppers 8th 2B, OF, P
3 Nolan Burns 8th 2B, P
4 Grant O'Shields 7th C, IF
5 Justyn Bryant 8th C, P, IF
6 Jett Hammes 7th 1B, OF, P
7 Keenan Standridge 7th OF, IF
8 Blake Nixon 7th 1B, OF, P
9 Jacob Morris 8th 3B, P
10 Caden James 8th 1B, P
11 Peyton Hawkins 8th SS, P
12 Ellison Walker 8th IF, OF, P, C
13 Jason Wright-Mann 8th IF, OF,C
14 Garrett Fields 7th 3B, P
15 Cameron Chandler 8th OF
17 Will McAlister 8th C, OF
22 Kennan Worley 7th OF, P
25 Matthew Leach 8th 1B, P
  John Leopard Head Coach  
  Austin Sanchez Asst. Coach