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2015-2016 State Championship Challenge


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Past Challenge Champions


State Championship Team Challenge Information

Gold Black
Gibson Black Abram Cannady
Jake Dahill Ashley Rives
Dylan Timms Chandler Skelly
Collin Bunch Clay Martin
Brandon Householder Cori Parham
Cole Campbell Dakota Smith
Justin Allen Drake McConnell
Cole Simpson Eric Brown
Jake Trotter Hank Martin
Justin Cintron Ian Powell
Chase Gilbert Jacob Benford
Evyn Whitfield Jordan Cobb
Mason Gilliam Paul Mitchell
Adler Simmons Reese Bryant
Cambel Guffee Wesley Wardlaw
Hayden Fuhr Garrison Bowen
Aaron Wimpey Clay Posey


State Championship Challenge Standings (as of 1/15/16)
Black Gold
Towel Hang 1795 1625
Bench Press 1855 1810
Squats 1865 1595
Mile 1450 960
Tug Of War 451 150
Baserunning Relay 200 0
Farmers Carry 0 750
Live Game on Field 600 950
60 Yard Dash    
Gauntlet (1 Track Lap, Tire Flip, 45 Lb Carry, PVC push, Med Ball carry, Bleachers)    
Vehicle Push 1900 2000
GPA at end of 2nd Nine Weeks    
T-Shirts -40 -10
Short Colors    
Negative Emails -40  
Positive Emails 10 10
Fall Weightlifting -29 -34
Summer Points 350 350
50 Inning Names    
Medicine Ball Relay    
Holiday Weights 287.5 275
Extra Points (Field Practice Day Attendances) 175 155
Final Standings 10829.5 10586




Live Game Event


Farmers Carry Event


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Squat Event



Base Running Event


Towel Hang Event